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One studio at each regional will be selected to receive 20% off National entry fees!

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Sophisticated Productions Competition Form

Download a printable version of this form.



One form per routine

Studio Name:
Studio Owner:
City:                                                                 State:                                   Zip:
Day Phone:                             Studio Phone:                                   Fax:

Is your studio planning on attending Sophisticated Productions Nationals in Wildwood, NJ July 2015? Yes _____ No _____

Age Division: Division:
checkbox 4 - 6 checkbox 15 - 16 checkbox Solo checkbox Student Choreograph Title
checkbox 7 - 8 checkbox 17 - 18 checkbox Duo / Trio checkbox Dance 4 College Title
checkbox 9 - 10 checkbox 19 - 24 checkbox Small Group (4 - 8 Dancers)  
checkbox 11 - 12 checkbox 25 & Up checkbox Large Group (9 - 16 Dancers)  
checkbox 13 - 14   checkbox Line / Production (17+ Dancers)  
Category: Classification:
checkbox Jazz
checkbox Tap
checkbox Lyrical
checkbox Open
checkbox Musical Theater
checkbox Character
checkbox Hip Hop
checkbox Acro
checkbox Contemporary
checkbox Modern
checkbox Pom Pom
checkbox Clogging
checkbox Ballet
checkbox Pointe
checkbox Song / Dance
checkbox Voice
checkbox Other _____
checkbox Jr. Competitive Four hours or less per week of dance class.
checkbox Sr. Competititve Five or more hours per week of dance class.

Convention Classes

Are your Students planning on attending the convention?
Yes _____ No _____

Convention is open to dancers who participate in the dance competition ONLY. Please submit a list of your dancers attending the convention.

Teacher (s):____________________________________________________

Name of Routine:___________________________________ Time:_________

Does your performance have props?   Yes ___ No ___

Is performance Student Choreographed?   Yes ___ No ___

Please Print or Type all dancers names and date of birth on the back of this form for each routine.

TOTAL AMOUNT FOR THIS ROUTINE ____________    15% Code # ______

New Discount Program for Studio Owners.
Please call the office for More Details!

For Sophisticated Productions Office Use Only

Total Number of Dancers______ Fees_______ 15% Fee______

Studio Name _______________________ Location _______________________

We the under signed parent/guardians release Sophisticated Productions Dance Competition from all claims for damages, lost items or injuries which may occur while participating in any activity connected with Sophisticated Productions Dance Competitions.
Student's Name Age D.O.B. Parent / Guardian

For your convenience,
Please copy this form and provide Sophisticated Productions with ONE MASTER SHEET of ALL Parent / Guardian Signatures for the dance competition.

Please make payment payable to:

Sophisticated Productions

Melissa R. Tessier: Owner / Director
33 Stuart Place · Westfield, MA 01085
(413) 568-4815 · Fax (413) 562-9132

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